• 26. – 28. April 2024
  • Tharpaland Kadampa Meditationszentrum
  • 80€ | In der Zentrumskarte M-L von Tharpaland KMC oder KMC Berlin enthalten.
  • Gen Ananda
  • Anmeldung für die Teilnahme vor Ort: Schließt 24h vor Kursbeginn


Get away from the city – get some me-time! When your to-do lists are never-ending and you can’t find rest, you need one thing in the first place: a method that relaxes your mind. When we let go of incessant thoughts and painful feelings through meditation and dive deep inside, we finally arrive at our heart – and reconnect with ourself.

Enjoy a relaxing weekend in the peace and nature of Schloss Sommerswalde. After a vegetarian dinner we will start with an introduction. Saturday and Sunday we will practice simple but effective meditations together, which will help you to find a way to inner peace: to let the stressful things fall away from you and to fill up with new energy. Previous experience is not necessary. Everyone is welcome.

  • Schedule
  • Fri, 26.04.
    19:30 – Introduction

    Sat, 27.04.
    08:00 – 1st session
    11:30 – 2nd session
    16:00 – 3rd session
    19:30 – 4th session

    Sun, 28.04.
    08:00 – 5th session
    11:30 – 6th session